On a chilly morning an old hunter passes the farm of his old friend Preben. The wind blows the gates open and reveals a terrible tableau in the yard. The day before, Preben’s wife has left him with their boy. With his family gone, his pride is overwhelming: The bull stands there solid as a rock.

The hunter reaches for his gun - but a bull like this is hard to kill.



Nordic Panorama, Oulu 2002
Göteborg Int. FF, 2003
Edinburgh Int. FF, 2003
Jönköping FF, 2003
Aarhus FF, 2003
Lübeck, Nordische Filmtage, 2003
Siena Festival Int. Del Cortometraggio, 2003
Tampere FF, 2004
Avance Ciune Clube de Avanca, 2004



The Bull